How to take care of your wigs

Wigs are generally made by rayon and they are different from those hair that grow on the scalp because they are easy contaminate to dust and stick together, so they will do harm to your scalp. Therefore, you should pay attention to wash your wigs regularly and comb the dust on the wig. Those who often wear wigs should wash them in two weeks.

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When you wash your wigs, you should put your wigs in the basin that filled with a small amount of shampoo, and then soak your hair for 5-10 minutes and wash them softly. You should comb the dust in the wig avoid twisting and rubbing them with force. After washing, you should use a dry towel to absorb the water drops softly, and then comb the wigs to the original hairstyle. Following, you can place the wigs on a shade place to dry, avoid exposing in the sun or using a hair dryer. Those real hair on the scalp can get the nutrients of human body, but wigs can not. In order to maintain the luster of the wigs, you can rub a little oil on the wig after combing. When the wig is unused for a long time, you should put them to the box after cleaning. You can also put them on the head of model with plastic head cover because this can keep the original hairstyle and avoid the intrusion of dust and bacteria.

If you know these attentions, I believe that you will be more experienced when you buy a wig. And I hope you can choose suitable human hair wigs for yourself.